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Pick three of your characters~

*thinks for a sec* I pick Senso, the lovable red, an archangel and er...Mirou, a homunculus.

1) Do you want a hug?

Senso- Sure thing! *arms wide with a big smile*
Emi- I believe there are law against that kind of behavior towards strangers.
Mirou- *jumps back* AH!

2) Are you a virgin?

Senso- Pfffff NO!
Emi- Of course! inercourse before marriage is a sin. As you can see I am not married...
Mirou- *rapid nod*

3) Do you have any kids?

Senso- Er... none that I know of.
Emi-No... (Me: is that it...?)
Mirou- er.... nope??? (Me: you sound unsure Mirou?)

4) Have you killed anyone?

Senso- BITCH PLEASE! IM THE F***ING RED HORSEMAN!! I've killed more people that I can count... and a few animals too....
Emi- Only when necessary. That's a bit more often then you think.
Mirou- Sadly Yes... Lord CrimsonFATE has A LOT of JOBS for me.... *Sad look*

5) Do you hate anyone?

Senso- *counting on fingers* (Me: don't think too hard...)
Emi- DEMONS! *Angry look*
Mirou- I could never hate anyone...!

6) Love anyone?

Emi- I did. Once. he's dead now... Well, so i'm told...

7) What is your job?

Senso- I'm the red horseman... I go around starting wars and bringing about the Apocalypse.
Emi- I'm a high ranking Arch angle. Personal assistant to Lord Ekibyo, leader of the arch angles, and one of two guardians of princess Zanvir.
Mirou- I'm a homunculus. I was created to serve Lord CrimsonFATE until he needs to use my body to replace his. I'm his genetic clone in other words...

8) Favorite season?

Senso- WINTER! PERFECT KILLIN' WEATHER! (Me: Wait... what... O-O)
Emi- Well it's better in the summer...
Mirou- er... Spring... it's nice to watch the flowers when they are small....

9) Who's your best friend?

Senso- My brothers... Shi, Kikin and.... and *Tears in the corners of his eyes* EKKI!!!!!!! (me: I think you mean Ekibyo...)
Emi- Princess Zanvir. (Me: you are best friends and you still call her by her title...)
Mirou- I guess Ayame. She is really nice to me...

10) Hobbies?

Senso-Er... I like cooking...
Emi- I hardly have the time for hobbies, but I do like to read in my spare time...
Mirou- I like play with Ayame's Dog sometimes... (Me: that's not a hobby Mirou)

11) What are you going to do when this is over?

Senso- I'm going to visit Shi in Purgatory...
Emi- I have paperwork to file...
Mirou- CrimsonFATE will most likely have something for me to do...

12) What is your eye color?

Senso- Red/Orange
Emi- Green
Mirou- Green

13) Are you good? Or bad?

Senso- What can I say... I'M EVIL!!!
Emi- Do you question my motives.... I'm and ANGLE!
Mirou- I'm a GOOD GUY really. But I have to do what Lord CrimsonFATE asks of me! I'm sorry

14) What is your greatest fear?

Senso- ... I don't want Ekki to die... (Me: WOW! you can be serious.)
Emi- I must not have fear...!
Mirou- Defiantly Big Brother... I mean! Lord CrimsonFATE!

15) What do you think of your parents?

Senso- er... I was created. not born... So I guess I don't have any.
Emi- They were both very exceptional people.
Mirou- Lord CrimsonFATE and Ayame are my only family. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

16) Any siblings?

Senso- My big brother Shi (the black horseman), and little brother Kikin (the Greeb Horseman) and Eki...byo... (the white horseman) *crys again!*
Emi- No. none...
Mirou- Lord CrimsonFATE is, technically my big brother... he hits me when i call him that.

17) It was fun to answer all these questions?

Senso- Meh... It wasn't a total waste...
Emi- I had fun. Thank you *bows*
Mirou- *nods*

18) How do you feel about your creator?

Senso- Lucifer? (Me: no, me...)
Emi- God? (Me: NO! >:( ME!)
Mirou- The Cultists? (Me: FFFUUUUUU!!!)

19) Do you have any weaknesses?

Senso- *laughs really hard*.... Of you were serious... er... no...
Emi- Why would I tell you! Who where you with...!  (Me: nobody, yikes..)
Mirou- I'm not that strong and I'm the only immortal to have an almost human body... so really... everything... :D

20) If you could have one wish...?

Senso- To have Ekibyo back! (Me: serious Senso again...)
Emi- To know if Francis is still alive. *blush a little*
Mirou- I would like for CrimsonFATE to give up on his goal so we can live normally. That would be nice... *smiles gently.*

21) Your favorite element?

Emi- Air... without it the floating island of Asuria wont go anywhere... (Me: *faceplam*)
Mirou- Water... it is what makes up the majority of a human body...

22) Who is your superior?

Senso- Lucifer. (people know who he is...)
Emi- Ekibyo. (the old white horseman and lead/ founder of Asuria, the island where the archangles live...)
Mirou- Lord CrimsonFATE. (a freak with a god complex.)

23) What anime would you switch to for a while if you could?

Senso- One Piece! I'll show them what WAR is !!!
Emi- Junjou Romanica... I have work to do there!
Mirou- Shungo Chara! I don't know... I think... the Charas are cute :P

24) Sexual orientation?

Senso- Whatever, sweetheart! (Me: who you calling "sweetheart"?)
Emi- I've never strayed from the path of the divine...
Mirou-I'm straight I guess...

25) Do you care what others think of you?

Senso- Well that depends... people who think bad of me normally do live very long.
Emi- I don't have the time to worry about such things.
Mirou- I don't want people to hate me...

26) Your theme song?

Senso- 7 nation army (white stripes/ Marcus Collins)
Emi- Wide Awake (Katy Perry)
Mirou- Bother (stone sour)

27) what`s your species?

Senso- Demon/ Divine
Emi- Archangel
Mirou- Homunculus.

28) How old are you?

Senso- I've been around as long as War has so you work it out...
Emi- I'm 5087. I should really stop counting like most of my comrades have.
Mirou- Lord CrimsonFATE says it doesn't matter...
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agitodemongirl Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Lol I love it! Red horseman is mah fave... XD
Crimsons thoughts...

Crimson: A god complex? Pfff, dick head... AND HE HITS HIS BROTHER!? Younger siblings should be looked after... They are precious... And he has "Crimson" in his name... Wow >w>

... Its not even about CrimsonFATE Crim... *facepalm* XD
Zanvir116 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
CrimsonFATE: YOU AGAIN! do you have a problem with how I treat Mirou.

Mirou: *knelling behind CrimsonFATE*
agitodemongirl Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Crimson: Duh, what was your first clue?
Zanvir116 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Mirou: Hi *timid wave*

CrimsonFATE: Don't affiliate yourself with her Mirou. At least not until she learns how to respect those above her in the hierarchy.
agitodemongirl Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
Crimson: *waves back at him* Respect is earned no matter how important you THINK you are
Zanvir116 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
CrimsonFATE: *puts hand on mirous head to make him stop waving* Excuse me! I don't think you understand who you are talking too.
agitodemongirl Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Crimson: And you are under the impression I give a fuck? *laughs and looks at mirou* Its a pleasure to meet you by the way Mirou, i'm Crimson~
Zanvir116 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
*Mirou jumps back and CrimsonFATE grabs your arm*

CrimsonFATE: How dare you show me such disrespect. *throws you to one side*
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